Tiger Woods

Out with the old, in with the new…


Cultural icon, paramour of countless stunning women, creator of the magazine that has been the handmaiden to early self-awarenes for so many horned-up young men…

The Oil Source


Last Friday we put another pop culture moment in the capsule for our time. Where were you when Tiger spoke, looked and hugged? After three months of letting others control his story, Tiger finally reclaimed a little of the control he had mastered so expertly before Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a celebrity or a company – Tiger or Toyota – the first step to recovery is to admit that you’ve made a mistake.

-Huffington Post, 4/24/10


In the ever-changing story about Tiger Woods, word has resurfaced that he may have entered an upscale clinic in Arizona for sex rehab, according to sources contacted by PEOPLE. [People.com, 1/16/10]

Sure, People is just now reporting this.  MAXIMUM STRENGTH Snake Oil was on the case back in 2008.  We knew then what everyone knows now: Women like to hit on Tiger.  Here’s how we called it:



Which one will surface first?



I try not to sully my cartoons with fart jokes, but sometimes they just slip out. When Tiger roared at this year’s Buick Open, it became the most heard fart in history. Over a million people saw it live on TV.  Within minutes, a viral video of The Stink on the Links was drifting across the world.

Many in the blogosphere have commented that the audio clarity proves the blast originated from someone closer to the camera crew. Perhaps, but Tiger’s uncomfortable shuffling immediately before the explosion appears to be that of a man trying to work something out. His reaction afterward looked like guilty laughter to me.  If a bystander were responsible, I firmly believe Tiger would have kept his cool. After all, it takes a lot to rattle a man with nerves of steel.

During the actual broadcast on ABC, the announcer commented on a previous shot during the moments leading up to the gust.  His words were, “He’s just going to try and let it release a little bit more.” Whoa—eerie as the howling wind.  In case you haven’t seen the actual footage yet, here it is: