george w bush

Ten years ago, I purchased ad space in my hometown newspaper.  I told the rep that the unit looked like an ad, but it was really a cartoon.  She said, “great, whatever, just send it to us with a check.” A few days later, they returned my check with no explanation.

Feeling rejected, I met with editor of The Street Sheet–San Francisco’s poverty fighting newspaper.  He offered to run it for free, and Snake Oil cartoon became a regular feature there for the next five years.  Today it is viewed across the world (America, really, plus one guy in Amsterdam).

Here is the first ever Snake Oil cartoon that appeared in print in June of 2003.  Still timely…




FORT WORTH, Texas — Former President George W. Bush has used a paid motivational speech in Fort Worth, Texas, to urge listeners to stand by their beliefs. Bush spoke to about 11,000 people at a “Get Motivated” business seminar Monday.

Huffington Post-10/27/09

Good news! I now have 8,326 fonts at my disposal to excite and amaze you each week. Now the bad news: This wily herd of characters crashed Photoshop–a crucial ingredient in the production of Snake Oil.

But wait, there’s more good news…my new font manager is starting this week.  Together, we’ll arrange one or more font families together into clever words, then drop them into an easy-to-read advertising format for your amusement.  A fresh unit should be ready next week.

Until then, here’s another Nostradamic Snake Oil classic from 2008: