Their take:

SeaWorld Orlando and its sister parks in San Diego and San Antonio will resume performances of their killer whale shows Saturday, although trainers will be forbidden from swimming with the animals while the company investigates what led to this week’s fatal attack by one of its orcas.

L.A. Times, 2/2/10

My take:

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Last Friday we put another pop culture moment in the capsule for our time. Where were you when Tiger spoke, looked and hugged? After three months of letting others control his story, Tiger finally reclaimed a little of the control he had mastered so expertly before Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a celebrity or a company – Tiger or Toyota – the first step to recovery is to admit that you’ve made a mistake.

-Huffington Post, 4/24/10


What happened to the swine flu? The city, colleges and area hospitals were gearing up for a major outbreak last fall that never materialized. Today, it’s barely on the radar.

Queens Chronicle, 2/21/10


The Rush Limbaugh “retard” remarks uttered on his program on Wednesday, according to The New York Daily News, have yet to have Sarah Palin calling for his ouster.


Congressional investigators examining Toyota Motor Corp.’s safety troubles are questioning whether the company and federal regulators have fully grasped what caused the sudden acceleration problems behind the car maker’s recalls.

-WSJ, 2/9/10


FORT WORTH, Texas — Former President George W. Bush has used a paid motivational speech in Fort Worth, Texas, to urge listeners to stand by their beliefs. Bush spoke to about 11,000 people at a “Get Motivated” business seminar Monday.

Huffington Post-10/27/09

Good news! I now have 8,326 fonts at my disposal to excite and amaze you each week. Now the bad news: This wily herd of characters crashed Photoshop–a crucial ingredient in the production of Snake Oil.

But wait, there’s more good news…my new font manager is starting this week.  Together, we’ll arrange one or more font families together into clever words, then drop them into an easy-to-read advertising format for your amusement.  A fresh unit should be ready next week.

Until then, here’s another Nostradamic Snake Oil classic from 2008:


In the ever-changing story about Tiger Woods, word has resurfaced that he may have entered an upscale clinic in Arizona for sex rehab, according to sources contacted by PEOPLE. [, 1/16/10]

Sure, People is just now reporting this.  MAXIMUM STRENGTH Snake Oil was on the case back in 2008.  We knew then what everyone knows now: Women like to hit on Tiger.  Here’s how we called it:



Which one will surface first?